Clearing My Head
So tired...
I know, I know.

"Where've ya been, Charlie?"

To tell the truth, I've just... been staying off the net for a while. It's not that I don't care, or that I don't want to help... But for things to suddenly start up again is really messing with my head. My laptop read my mind, because it crashed a few weeks ago. Fixed now obviously, but... I took my time.

It's just still too soon for me.

I'm sorry.

The Most Important Tracker Of All
Hi My Name Is Charlie
Is anyone else tracking Santa?

Come on, admit it!

Starting Over
This is my creative side
Introductions are proper, right?

My name is Charlie. I'm 24 years old. And my best friend was killed by the Order.

Don't need more than that, really. Most of you probably know who I am. As for where I am... Well, I'd rather keep that to myself, if you don't mind.

I'm not sure why I'm doing this; we smashed that camera, promised to move on, but.. I'm not sure I can. I feel like something's missing, something's... not right. I just feel like I could've done more.

Anyone ever feel that way?


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